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Thursday, July 31, 2008

We made it to cooler temps!!

We left South Dakota and drove along I-90 through Montana, Idaho and into Washington. We are in Thousand Trails Birch Bay, just south of Blaine, WA. The high today was 58!!

We will be here for a week or so enjoying the area.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Needles Hwy and Wind Cave

We drove along Needles Highway today and really enjoyed seeing the rock formations. We got another chance to see Mt Rushmore from a side angle.

We saw a herd of buffalo coming down from the hills and walk through the meadow and across the road.

Next was a prairie dog town. That was a real treat to hear them squeaking to each other.

These are the same buffalo that we saw earlier-major jam.

Wind Cave National Park.
Click on the photos to enlarge.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bear Country and Crazy Horse

Today, we went over to Bear Country, a drive-through wildlife safari near Hart Ranch. It was a lot of fun and we saw lots of animals.

This is a 4 month old wolf.

Here's Mr Beaver.

We got to the cub area at feeding time. They have 14 cubs that are about 6 months old.

There were a couple of otters.

Some of the bears.

Badger, one sniffing a sleeping friend.

Then, we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial and it was striking. This is a work-in-progress. The Indian Artifacts Museum was amazing and we really enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jewel Cave and Custer State Park

On Wednesday, we went to Jewel Cave and went on the Scenic Tour. It was lovely and I got a few good photos.

This photo was taken in the visitor's center. We didn't actually see this formation on our tour.

These photos were taken driving through Custer State Park.

A burro and pronghorn.

Bighorn sheep ewe.

Buffalo bull (through the windshield) and a herd at a distance.

What a special treat! Two pronghorn mothers with their young.

As the moms separated, one walked off with her twins. They were the youngest pronghorn I have ever seen.